INTJ Terms & Conditions


INTJ Billing Pty Ltd is a private Australian company which is not affiliated with any other party.

Clarke Towson started INTJ due to observing that corporate employers have difficulty engaging with suitably experienced HPC technical professionals due to the fact that almost all of them are already employed full time. This is Clarke's solution to the vital access to talent problem.

INTJ Contractors are all employed full time working for other parties and provide HPC contracting services outside of normal 9-5 business hours. Most work will be proided at night or on weekends.

INTJ Contractors working under the INTJ banner and all work performed by them should not be attributed to their full time employers.

INTJ Contractors provide consultation services to Australian employers in person, via Skype, email, telephone and other communication mediums. Our contractors on their HPC Specialists page provide their professional accomplishments, resumes and other information useful to employers in order to help employers make an informed choice as to the suitability of contracting with them for professional HPC services. Payment is expect to be made prior to consultation. An automated PayPal parallel transaction system has been developed which will allow you as an employer to pay an INTJ Contractor which will also ensure INTJ Billing Pty Ltd gets paid.

INTJ Contractors will not use their primary employment positions for personal gain. Each INTJ Contractor has complete separation between their primary employment and their INTJ contracting services.

Each INTJ Contractor featured on this website serves in the company that owns this website INTJ Billing Pty Ltd in a personal capacity. It should not be implied in any way that their primary employers sanctions nor endorses any of their HPC contracting actiities.

Work/time provided by INTJ Contractors to private corporations is performed solely in the capacity of a contractor of INTJ Billing Pty Ltd and should not be attributed to their primary employers.

Each INTJ contractor goes to great lengths to ensure that they always act professionally, thoughtfully, and in a manner that reflects well upon their primary employers, this private company INTJ Billing Pty Ltd and themselves. Where an INTJ Contractor has acted in a manner that you deem is inappropriate please raise the matter with the contractor directly. Where appropriate escalate the matter directly to Clarke.