INTJ Terms & Conditions


INTJ Billing Pty Ltd is a private Australian company which is not affiliated with any other party.

INTJ Billing provides technical consulting and bitcoin exchange services to the general public in Melbourne Australia and in Pattaya Thailand.

Clarke Towson and INTJ Billing Contractors provide consultation services to Australian and Thai employers in person, via Skype, email, telephone and other communication mediums. Our people will provide their professional accomplishments, resumes and other information useful to employers in order to help employers make an informed choice as to the suitability of contracting with them for technical and exchange services.

INTJ Billing staff go to great lengths to ensure that they always act professionally, thoughtfully, and in a manner that reflects well upon this private company INTJ Billing Pty Ltd and themselves. Where an INTJ Billing Contractor has acted in a manner that you deem is inappropriate please raise the matter with the contractor directly. Where appropriate escalate the matter directly to Clarke.