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Clarke is a degree qualified Computer Scientist with 24 years experience working in technology.

Please note carefully:

Clarke's expertise is in Bitcoin. Clarke does not offer any consultations in regards to Ethereum or other Alt Coins. Clarke works with long term investors that are interested in buying and holding Bitcoin as a long term investment. If you're speculating in Alt Coins Clarke is unable to offer you professional advice or help you in any way. Speculating in the ultra high risk Alt Coin market you're on your own.


In the graph below the black line is Bitcoin and the rest of the lines are alt coins. Bitcoin is an investment class asset with a historical record of increasing in value over time. The vast majority of alt coins are not investment class assets

Bitcoin vs Alt Coins

Bitcoin performance vs alt coins. Bitcoin is the only true store of value out of all the cryptocurrencies.

The market has voted. Bitcoin has already won the race for global store of value. This visualization was made October 2021

Bitcoin Potential ARK Invest forecast

Clarke's Bitcoin and cryptocurrency consulting services include:

1. Education about Bitcoin - An introduction to Bitcoin and why it's so important.
2. Installation of Bitcoin Wallets on your private and business mobile and computing devices.
3. Education about your Bitcoin Wallet seed phrases and how to keep them secure.
4. Backup of your Bitcoin Wallets private keys to a USB stick and education about keeping your Bitcoin private keys secure.
5. Hands on guidance on buying your first Bitcoin via, or
6. Assistance getting your personal, business and/or corporate credit cards setup so you can purchase Bitcoin using your credit cards.
7. Guidance through the frustrations of dealing with your banks fraud department as you purchase your first Bitcoin using your personal, business and/or corporate credit cards.
8. Education about Cryptocurrencies - An introduction to alternative cryptocurrencies. Why Bitcoin is a long term store of value and Alt Coins are not.
9. Assistance with setting up a Coinspot account and guidance on how to purchase a basket of cryptocurrencies.
10. Going with you to a Bitcoin ATM in Melbourne and guiding you through purchasing Bitcoin using Australian currency.
11. Setting your retail or online business operations up with everything you need to start accepting Bitcoin at your point of sale or on your website. INTJ Billing specializes in BTCPayServer which is an open source, self-hosted cryptocurrency payment processor. It's secure, private, censorship-resistant and free. BTCPay features direct, peer-to-peer Bitcoin payments. There are no transaction fees other than network fees. There are no payment processing fees because using BTCPay server YOU become the payment processor. YOU become the middleman. There is no KYC (Know Your Customer). BTCPay Server is a non-custodial system where you have complete control over your private key. It offers enhanced privacy, enhanced security and is ideal for high risk businesses. BTCPay Server is a self hosted solution so nobody can block your payments! It offers SegWit support and Lightning Network support and Tor support as well. It has full compatibility with BitPay API and it can be setup to process payments for other businesses that you might like to provide that functionality for. If you're a business that depends on uncensorable payments BTCPay Server is the solution you really want! Clarke has been doing extensive work with the Bitcoin Lightning Network and can help you get up and running with it.
12. Setting your operations staff up with Bitcoin and assistance in helping to train your clients on how to use Bitcoin to pay you.
13. Assistance with setting up a Coinjar account and guidance on how to link your bank accounts to your Bitcoin so you can spend Bitcoin anywhere in Australia that accepts an EFTPOS Debit card.
14. Access to INTJ's Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency private research.
15. Information on Bitcoin & Cryptocurrencies as Investments.
16. Guidance and advice on how to properly secure your Bitcoin.
17. Creation of a Bitcoin paper wallet(s) for long term cold storage investment of your bitcoin. Bitcoin wallets are created in a highly secure manner on an offline Linux system and printed out securely on high quality photographic glossy paper with high quality ink which is highly resistant to water damage. Paper wallets are then folded and sealed with INTJs custom developed holographic security seal (which if removed leaves clear evidence of removal), placed in a water tight plastic zip locked bag, then placed in an envelope which is sealed again.
18. Education about secure offline storage of cryptocurrency utilizing the Ledger Nano X Hardware Wallet When you own crypto, what you really own is a private key - you need to to keep it safe. Ledger offers the best level of protection, as your private key remains protected within a certified secure chip.
19. Education about the Cryptosteel Capsule which is the premier backup tool for autonomous offline storage of valuable data without any third-party involvement. The solid metal device, designed to survive extreme conditions, works under nearly all circumstances. With Cryptosteel, your most sensitive information is both hacker-proof and safe from natural disasters.
20. Assistance setting up an account with Vaultoro so you can convert your Bitcoin to gold and vice versa instantly.
21. INTJ offers a boutique Bitcoin Custodianship Service and utilizes Fortis Vaults for the storage of clients Bitcoin private keys (paper printed and/or USB sticks), Bitcon paper wallets and Bitcoin wallet seed phrases in safety deposit boxes. Fortis Vaults is a world class high security storage facility in Melbourne's CBD. Located at 10/227 Collins St Melbourne, Fortis Vaults is a highly secure, professional, private, cost-effective Bitcoin cold storage solution. Registered clients are required to pass a multi-challenge identification check including biometric (facial recognition/iris scan/biometric hand scan) as well as having their key to their safety deposit box. Security cameras monitor the Fortis Vaults facility 24/7. INTJ clients are personally escorted to the vault by Fortis staff. For extra security there is a private viewing suite so INTJ clients can access their Bitcoin private keys/seed phrases/paper wallets in a highly discreet and confidential environment. The private viewing suite has no security cameras so there is zero chance of capturing a Bitcoin private key and/or wallet seed phrase on camera. These high security measures mean INTJ clients can rest easy with complete 100% confidence in the privacy and security of their Bitcoin private keys, paper wallets and wallet seed phrases.

Fortis Vaults Registration Form, Safety Deposit Box Pricing, Insurance Policy, Terms and Conditions


Clarke is also available for corporate conferences and will deliver speeches about Bitcoin & Cryptocurrencies. An example speech on the fundamentals of Bitcoin can be seen here. Please contact Clarke for more information about this service.

Clarke's consulting fee is $100 AUD an hour payable in Bitcoin at the end of the consultation to the Bitcoin address below. Clarke's fee includes a free USB Stick, free labels and private key backup service and travel to/from your home or business address. Each consultation varies in time depending on complexity. Consultations with individuals are usually the fastest, small businesses take more time and corporations take the most time.

Individuals with relatively simple Bitcoin requirements can drop over to INTJ at 7 Cullen Court Spotswood on weekends for a one on one consultation by appointment with Clarke. Please bring the following with you to ensure Clarke can help get you set up and running with Bitcoin:

1. Your debit/credit card(s).
2. Your mobile phone(s) (and passwords to access it) AND charger / USB cord.
3. Your laptop or tablet device(s) (and passwords to access it) AND charger.
4. Your drivers licence.
5. A recent utility bill with your name and proof of address on it.
6. Your usernames/passwords for accessing your email account (you don't give these to Clarke but you will need to access your email during the consultation)
7. Details of your bank name, BSB number, account number and online banking password (your bank will conduct the standard security check with you on the phone during the consultation when you buy Bitcoin for the first time).

The details above are required to get you set up with our third party payment processor (the credit card processor) in order for you to be able to buy Bitcoin for the first time. You will need to access your email account and possibly your online bank account during the consultation. This is due to the fact that your banks fraud department will almost certainly call you when you try to buy Bitcoin using your debit or credit card for the first time and due to the fact that our third party payment processor requires details of your credit/debit card(s) when you buy Bitcoin and for Coinspot who require this information when you create an account to buy/sell cryptocurrencies.

Whilst Bitcoin transactions are pseudoanonymous - the on and off ramps (banks, exchanges, credit card processing providers, cryptocurrency debit card providers) are not. These providers need to adhere to government and banking KYC (Know Your Customer) requirements.

Clarke has a strict non-disclosure policy and will keep all details of your business stricly confidential

No cryptocurrency secret keys/passwords/pass phrases are kept on the INTJ premises.

Visit the INTJ Office

Clarke is available 9:00 am to 5:00 pm every Saturday & Sunday for in person consulations at the INTJ Office or via the internet. Clarke operates a cryptocurrency mining operation on site and will give a tour to those of you who are interested.

We are located just over the West Gate Bridge in Spotswood

INTJ Billing Pty Ltd 7 Cullen Court Spotswood, Victoria 3207 AUSTRALIA +61 432 359 166
We are operating out of a basement apartment in order to keep our costs to a bare minimum and to ensure that we are able to take calculated risks so please don't be surprised if you arrive for an in person appointment.


Australian Company Number 607 261 398


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We partner with our clients providing them with privileged access to custom and bespoke Bitcoin research. If you're interested in INTJ CEO Clarke Towson's Bitcoin research services please use the form below to add yourself to INTJ's research client distribution list