The 7 Cullen Court Security Cameras

Neighbourhood Watch Area


Dear Neighbour,

You might have noticed that I have put up a dome security camera with a microphone, a light and signage on a pole on my elderly mothers vacant block. As a good neighbour I would like to explain my reasoning for this for your interest.

1. My elderly mother was broken into by drug affected people a few years ago whilst she was home which left her very shaken and scared and she has never fully recovered from this incident. She had to run from her own home to get away from the intruders. I installed our first security cameras at that time and I moved into the property as well due to this.

2. Our cars have been broken into a number of times now and our goods stolen.

3. One of our neighbours had his car broken into and his tools stolen.

4. We had a group of young men start a scrub fire outside the house a number of years ago. I gave chase but they got away. I can no longer run as fast as I could in my youth. I called the police but they did nothing.

5. Suspicious vehicles and people sit outside my mother’s property at odd hours of the night for reasons unknown.

6. Motorists mistake my mother’s vacant block as council land and use it as a public toilet. Temporary signage has been installed on the pole advising people of the location of the nearest public toilets with the hope that people will do the right thing. We will soon be putting up a fence to prevent people accessing the block at which time the sign will no longer be required.

7. Drug addicts have been seen parked beside my mother’s vacant block mistaking it for a shooting gallery.

8. I run INTJ Billing this Bitcoin consulting business from home and I’m in the public eye. This makes me a potential target and I need to take extra security precautions for myself and my family due to this.

9. Suspicious individuals have been captured walking down the street at 3:00 am in the morning, have noted the cameras and then made a quick retreat.

The capabilities of the camera on my mothers vacant block include 360 degree movement, pan, tilt and 25x optical zoom. It can see all the way up Cullen Court.   The camera has tracking features and together with a dedicated licence plate detection camera and colourvu cameras I have also installed we have the capability to identify vehicles and people day and night in full colour with the footage cut into 15-30 second timestamped video clips which can be instantly sent to the police.

The footage from the cameras is available to you free of charge should any security incident occur in the street. The footage is kept for 7 days and then destroyed. I run dedicated business class computing infrastructure from home with Linux based Apache web servers and I can make the footage available to you based on any date/time you wish pretty much instantly.

Should you have any privacy concerns please do let me know. The cameras are capable of blocking out and not recording specific areas and I will block out any area you wish on request.

The dome security camera is a HikVision DS-2DE4A425IW-DE.  You can read more about this camera here

The Licence Plate Recognition camera is a Hikvision DS-2CD7A26G0/P-IZ(H)S.  You can read more about this camera here.

Should any security incident occur please do no hesitate to call me on 0432 359 166 and I will work with you on it.   

With Kindest Regards,

Clarke Towson


7 Cullen Court Security Camera Presentation
With Clarke Towson

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Does CCTV Prevent Burglary?

A study among homeowners found that when neighbours and pedestrians knew they were being watched, vandalism and robberies went down tenfold.

This is known as the Hawthorne effect, where people tend to behave differently and are more likely to be compliant when they are being watched.

Based on the same effect, burglars are less likely to break into premises with CCTV security systems owing to the fear of being watched, recorded, and possibly caught.

A burglars main ally is stealth and neglect. CCTV cameras make it nearly impossible to break in without getting noticed, making them one of the biggest deterrents for burglars.

Experts believe that as many as 67% of domestic burglaries could be prevented if people had CCTV monitoring.

The effects of burglaries on victims can be devastating, both in terms of financial losses and emotional trauma.

According to a commissioned research into the emotional impact of burglary, the victims reported that 25% found it hard to sleep, 13% moved to new premises, 12% experienced a loss in confidence, 11% were afraid of being left alone on the property, 8% became ill and found it difficult to concentrate on work, and 5% were diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

These several facts are enough to shake someone to their core and to take preventive measures against such heinous acts at all costs.

CCTV security systems help prevent burglaries in both homes and businesses.


Most burglars are opportunists and target properties that are easier to break into.

According to The Guardian, former professional burglars say that they would target homes and businesses without CCTV cameras, making them the most effective burglar deterrent.

Burglars usually avoid attention at all costs, and even if they don’t attract attention, they preferably opt for a burglary that doesn’t leave any evidence behind.

A CCTV security system has many benefits to both home and business owners which makes it the number one choice for preventing burglaries.

Recording and Monitoring

Good news for people owning a CCTV security system. Just the very idea of being monitored and recorded is enough to scare away intruders trying to break into your property, which is why they will always try to stay clear of such houses and businesses.

CCTV monitoring will ensure that your properties are being watched over by a professional monitoring staff in real-time. This is especially beneficial for when your home or business is unoccupied or in a vulnerable state. The best advantage of detecting a threat while it’s in progress is the immediate action that can be taken to deal with it, such as notifying your keyholders or alerting the police.

Gathering evidence

CCTV footage helps collect evidence in the unfortunate event of a crime such as a burglary. Suspects can be easily identified with the help of CCTV recordings and there’s a higher chance of the perpetrators being caught.

This ease of evidence and the trail that burglars leave behind can work to their disadvantage, should they try to burgle a CCTV monitored premises.

Remote observation Burglars usually wait for the occupants of a house or business to be away to easily break-in, since an empty property is less challenging for them – At least that’s what they think.

A CCTV security system always protects your premises and keeps mischief mongers away. CCTV monitoring allows for your premises to be remotely observed, both on the inside and outside.

With CCTV cameras, you can check the grounds of your premises from the comfort of your couch, such as monitoring the car parking area or vehicles parked to the front or side of the home. In case you sense something fishy, you can call the authorities straight away.