INTJ Recruitment Services Agreement Contract Download

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INTJ has developed a Client Service Agreement for employers which sets out our terms and conditions when engaging us to recruit and supply HPC Specialists for you as contractors.


INTJ Recruitment Services Contract as PDF: Click here to download

INTJ Independent Contractor Agreement as PDF: Click here to download

The process to become an INTJ HPC Contractor:


1. Have a good look through the INTJ website, view Clarke's speeches and make sure that you are on the same wavelength as Clarke with the strategy of providing HPC Contracting services outside normal 9:00 am to 5:00 pm business hours.

2. Read through the skills and experience we are looking for in HPC Contractors

3. Submit your Resume to Clarke here

4. Add Clarke to your Skype Profile: clarketowson1

5. Send Clarke a quick email via the Contact INTJ page and let Clarke know a date and time that you're available for a quick 30 minute Skype conversation. Clarke will explain to you important details about contracting with INTJ and will explain how to actively manage any conflict of interest with your primary employer.

6. Sign up as an INTJ HPC Candidate and enter the details as requested.

7. Clarke will manually add you to the INTJ HPC Specialists page after he has received your resume and any additional details requested where you can advertise yourself to prospective HPC Employers who can browse through your profile and buy your services on an hourly basis. It's important to ensure that when you sign up you also provide your paypal email address so that an employer can pay you for your services.


By signing up with INTJ you keep your primary job and you keep your freedom. INTJ will not lock you into any bad contract which is not in both our best interests and you are free to come and go and proide HPC services to Australian employers as you please.