INTJ Billing NightSafeVerify Photo EXIF Service

INTJ Billing uses DeepFace Face Detection Technology

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INTJ Billing NightSafeVerify Platform

This form is for you as a bar manager to upload a photo of the Thai person you're working with. It will send an email to INTJ Billing CEO Clarke Towson with both the photo and the EXIF data extracted from the photo that you have uploaded. It creates a time stamped and location stamped email and is a record that at a particular date and time you have taken a photo of a Thai person who you're working with. It can be used as evidence that this person was working with you at your location at a particular date and time.

INTJ Billing uses DeepFace facial recognition technology in all identification verification services. DeepFace AI is a face recognition and facial attribute analysis library for Python. The open-sourced DeepFace library includes all leading-edge AI models for modern face recognition.

This is a secure upload form. All photographs of Thai people uploaded to INTJ Billing are stored in a secure location with additional security protocols and safeguards in place which encrypt the files after they have been uploaded.

Upload photo of Thai Person

Below is an example of EXIF data. This is the type of data that this form extracts from the image that you upload. You will see in the metadata "INTJ Billing Pty Ltd". We have sophisticated camera software and systems in place that will embed our company name and other details into image metadata. We use this data to ensure that each Thai person we photograph for KYC/AML purposes we have a record of that person which is date and time stamped and enables us to match up their Thai ID Cards with the photo we take of them. This enables us to with as close to 100% accuracy as possible prove that a Thai person was in our office at a particular date and time and that she is indeed the person whose photo is on her Thai ID Card.